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Drawings 1970 - 2005. (under construction)

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imaginairy realism

Pim Bronkhorst (1954) grew up in the ancient inner city of Deventer, Netherlands. Soon his attention was drawn towards the arts: painting, drawing and music.

In painting he aims his effords primarily at imaginairy realism, in which spacial and spiritual dimensions are manipulated. Often this is combined with a, relativised, humoristic point of view. It’s a pleasing and orginal kind of realism in which a mysterious reality permeates. This magic leads the observer in a sophisticated way through a painting and provides unexpected surprises.

about the painter

amersfoortsecourant-18-11-1993_800w.jpg degelderlander-13-3-2001_800w.jpg degelderlander-wittepoort_800w.jpg deventerdagblad-15-5-1997_800w.jpg degelderlander-19-6-1992_800w.jpg amersfoortsecourant-cover-18-11-1993_800w.jpg geldersdagblad-18-9-2001_800w.jpg ZutphenseCourant_Okt-2009_800w.jpg boekje_800w.jpg