Miq Guitars

Miq guitars

 The oil paintings on these instruments makes them unique, each one has its own distinctive theme look, feel and sound.
There is ofcourse a very limited number of guitars being made, therefore no effort is taken to advertise.
Provided with an awsome painting, these instruments still are ​reasonably priced. This is done by adding reasonably priced quality hardware. 

"WakeUp!" - LP Guitar

A Miq guitar is an unique Peace of Art. There is no second one on the planet. The painting on the guitar is (ofcourse) made by Dutch painter Pim Bronkhorst. The oil paint dried for over half a year before the final durable 2-K coating was applied.
This guitar is carefully adjusted and comes wit h a hard case and a certificate of authenticity, signed by the painter.

 mahogany body   - set-in neck   - mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard   - Passive Humbuckers